Get your competitors complete product updates for a fixed price
Daily Competitor Scans

The more competitors you choose and the longer the payment plan, the lower the price per scan.

If you later decide to add competitors or choose a longer payment plan, we will automatically discount your purchase.

Per competitor/month
Upto one daily Competitor Scan * Plug-in * Dashboard * All Dashboard Functionalities * Dashboard Support * Installation Support (For Supported Plug-Ins)
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Daily Scans: Subscriptions

Daily Scans provide you with a daily update of your competitors’ entire product range. If you have set up any Price Rules, they will be activated when your scan runs and your prices will be optimized accordingly.

Daily Scans are sold as subscriptions with monthly, quarterly or annual payment plans. You can adjust your plan at any time, upgrade/downgrade the payment plan, and add/cancel scans.

Please note that the setup of a Daily Scan will take about 4-5 days, depending on the size of the scan.

Daily Scans Include:

  • Daily update of your competitors’ full product range
  • Notification and creation when a competitor adds a new product
  • Notification and deactivation when a competitor deletes a product
  • 24/7 crawl-script monitoring and maintenance
  • Manually created crawl for more accurate and less invasive scans
  • Price optimization according to your Price Rules

Discount Options Take advantage of our discount options!

The more Daily Scans you add and the longer your payment plan, the bigger the discount. Remember that you can adjust your plan at any time, just go to your Dashboard and click on “Manage Subscriptions”.

Add in the number of competitor Scans you want to create in your Dashboard:

Pay every month


Total Discount 0%

Pay just 38 USD, per month

Pay every quarter


Total Discount 10%

Pay just 103 USD, per quarter

Pay every year


Total Discount 20%

Pay just 365 USD, per year

Custom and Direct Scans: Create your own Competitor Product Scans

In addition to the Daily Scan, you can get custom updates via Custom Scans (hyperlink to Features page), which allow you to set your own parameters for product scans, such as how often scans should be updated. You can even update products manually and instantly via Direct Scans. Custom and Direct Scans cost 1 Point per product update.
1 Product Update = 0.1 Point

Points are bought in packages. You can add a Point package to your account as a one-time purchase or choose AutoFill for automatic Point package refills.

50.000 Points $29
250.000 Points $99
500.000 Points $189
1.000.000 Points $349
2.500.000 Points $499
5.000.000 Points $699

Daily Scans

Daily update of your competitors’ entire product range, including price optimization.

Included in Scan

Custom Scans

Set your own parameters for product and price updates.

1 point per scan

Direct Scans

Update competitor product information instantly.

1 point per scan

Presale FAQ

Any trials or Money back Guarantee?

We offer a free demo setup that enables you to test our system before you make a decision to buy.

We do not refund bought points and ordered Competitor Scans.

However you can at anytime cancel Competitor Scan subscription agreement which will then expire from the new renewal period.

When do I have to pay VAT?

PriceSquid is registered in England and Wales as a limited company and we add VAT according to the European Regulations on Software VAT for UK companies. For more information, visit VIES.
Companies inside the EU
If you are a company in the EU, please add your VAT identification number and you will not be billed for UK VAT.
Companies outside the EU and US
Companies outside the EU and US do not have to identify themselves with a VAT number.

Who can use PriceSquid?

Our primary customers are webshop owners that use PriceSquid along with their e-commerce software to optimize their pricing strategies, conduct market analysis, and other internal tasks.

If you do not operate your webshop with e-commerce software, you can use PriceSquid through our Online Service. This will allow you to use most of the functionalities offered with the Plug-in, such as product overviews and price monitoring.

However, you will not be able to take advantage of our automatic price optimization feature.

For more information, visit our Features Page

Do I have to install the PriceSquid Plug-in?

No, you can use our Dashboard and other services without any Plug-in integration via our Online Service.

This service provides the same functionalities as the Plug-in, with the exception of automated price optimization.

How do I get started?

Signing up for PriceSquid is simple. First, register on our site and activate the Dashboard. Once the Dashboard has been activated, you can either install the PriceSquid Plug-in compatible with your respective e-commerce software or choose to use our Online Service.

When this set-up is complete you can order Competitor Scans and enter the URLs of the webshops that you want to monitor. As soon as the requested data shows up in the Dashboard, you can start monitoring products, prices, and other information.

Can I cancel a subscription/my account?

You can cancel subscriptions, up-/downgrade Competitor Scan subscription and change your subscription payment period. Downgrades go into effect when the new subscription period starts, while upgrades are effective immediately.